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I had to work on the topic ''climate change as a natural process'' and I found some interesting statements. The expert's arguments are based on the fact that the world has experienced cold and warm periods throughout. They say if you look at the last million years there were always big changes relatet to temperature and precipitation (niederschlag). Furthermore it is explained that there have been times, in which the climate changed more than nowadays in a certain period of time. Some rasons for natural climate change are for example changes in ocean currents or large erruptions of volcanoes.
Moreover the green house effect is often mentioned as an important cause, but many experts are saying that this effect is a nessescary condition for the multifacedet development of life on the world.
I think due to all these aspects it is very difficult to decide how far the humans are blamed for the actual climate changing. That climate is changing over years is deffinately natural, but I could image that the rising emission of CO2 speeds up this development. But human beeing haven't such a big influence on something that big like the world's balnce, like the media is reporting all the time. They exaggerate in many points.

26.3.09 11:20

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